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Trenchless Water Line Experts
Trenchless Water Line Experts
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Main water lines are replaced for these primary reasons.
1.Your aging water line is leaking, or an inferior product is failing.
2.Your water line is clogged or broken
3.You want to increase the water volume into your home, especially if you have galvanized piping that is almost rusted shut.
4.You want to be proactive about your water line, to fix it before it becomes a huge problem.

Over time, mineral deposits accumulate on the interior surface of lead and galvanized service water line pipes. This interior accumulation of minerals and corrosion decreases the interior pipe diameter, creates a rough inner surface and also reduces the available area for water flow. All of these contribute to a reduction in flow.

The older the pipe, the worse the internal build-up problem and the lower the flow delivery will be.

Pipe Bursting is a technique for replacement of existing water pipe lines. The existing pipe, once burst, becomes the guide path for the new pipe being installed.

This technique bursts the old pipe and in so displaces the fragmented old pipe into the surrounding soil. This creates a hole of roughly the same dimension as the original. If a larger diameter pipe is to be installed a larger 'expanding cone' is used to increase the size of the hole. Once done, the new pipe is pushed or pulled into position.

Why replace your water line? Read more: |  What causes water line leaks? Read More: 

Trenchless pipe replacement simply means there is no requirement to dig a trench in order to install / replace underground water pipes.

The chief benefits of this system are time reductions, cost efficiency and minimal damage to landscaping. Please see our section on pipe replacement for benefits and  more detailed information and examples.

A variation of this method is called 'Pipe Slitting' which breaks the pipe by longitudinal slitting.  

Our Pipe Genie System is the finest system available to replace your water line without digging a trench or disrupting your landscaping, sidewalks or driveway.


Whatever kind of pipe you have installed, ductile, cast iron, clay, concrete, ABS, PE or PVC, our system can replace it with ease up to 30" in diameter.

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